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Equine Canada Passports


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The Passport is the official document which is exclusively registered to a horse. The passport number provides a means to:
  • identify the horse, owner and pedigree information  
The Horse License is the annual license which will be used to:
  • tabulate results for awards
  • track the performance record of the horse
  • identify successful blood lines
1. EC passports and horse licenses are mandatory documents for all horses and ponies entering Dressage, Eventing, Hunter and Jumper competitions. All horses must have either a valid EC passport with a current horse license sticker or be registered at each competition where passports are required. (Exception: Horses competing in Bronze competitions do not require a passport for any discipline)

2. Passports for horses competing in the above divisions must be provided to the competition. For
  • Dressage: see Rules, Section E (Article E3.3 – Passports and Horse Identification Documents)
  • Eventing: see Rules Section D (Article D102.2 – Horse Passport Requirements)
  • Hunters and Jumpers: see Rules, Section G (Article G110 – Passports)
3. All owners must be familiar with their responsibilities with respect to passports and horse licenses and the penalties which can be levied for failure to abide by the rules set out in Section A of the EC Rules. Compliance with these rules is essential to track a horse’s performance, status and points for EC national and provincial championship awards.

4. The passport number is the control number used by EC and must be included on the entry form.

5. Horses must be entered under the name appearing on the passport.

6. It is the responsibility of owners and exhibitors to keep the competition records of their horses up to date in the passport.

7. Owners and exhibitors of horses holding EC passports who wish to apply for an FEI passport should refer to Section A (Article A412 - FEI Passports) of the Equine Canada Rules.

8. A horse that already has an FEI passport will not be issued an EC passport. See Rules, Section A (Article A412 – FEI Passports).