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There is no doubt that horses inspire, motivate, engage and reward us. The Long Term Equestrian Development model strives to cement that relationship for a lifetime. With the help of countless volunteers, committees and staff, Equine Canada has had a unique opportunity to bring forth new programs to meet the needs of the community and stakeholders.

Our goal is to make sure every person who wants to participate in sport, has the opportunity to do so. Long term athlete development is not only about the few athletes who will achieve elite status, but about every person who wants to engage in the horse world. It also recognizes the essential role of the parents, coaches, sponsors, breeders, officials, administrators, sport scientists, and all stakeholders. Together, we can make sure the equestrian sport disciplines are at the forefront of development worldwide.

As a model, LTED gives the Canadian equestrian community a vision of where we want to be. For years to come, it will help us to improve our infrastructure, programs and initiatives to ensure the best opportunities for all our athletes and participants, whatever their personal goals or stage of development. It will serve as our true north.

Long term equestrian development model aims to provide a framework for training, competitions and recovery based on development stage rather than chronological age. This guide is intended to educate athletes, parents, coaches, and all stakeholders on how to move through the pathways and develop as an equestrian. This model focusses on three outcomes: 1) Developing physical literacy at the grass roots level; 2) creating an excellence pathway for those that dream of competing on the Canadian Equestrian Team (CET) and 3) developing the relationships and the skills to continue enjoying the sport for the rest of their lives (Competitive/Active for life). Our LTED model refers to a pathway through maturation and creating training models that are developmentally appropriate for children. This model will also outline how athletes with disabilities can achieve success and how they fit into the development pathway. LTED provides the community with a united front on training that parents, coaches, athletes, clubs, provinces, and nations can all work from.

This guide is to help the sport create programs that will focus primarily on skill development, enjoyment and horsemanship in the early years and on excellencent performances in a competitive equestrian’s career. One of the primary focuses of Canada is creating healthy happy children participating in physical activity throughout their life. To do that, all sports need to foster positive learning experiences that support growth and development regardless of the natural talent shown. LTED strives to have programs in place for every equestrian.

“The health and wellness of the nation and the medals won at major games are simple by-products of an effective sport system.”
– Istvan Balyi


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