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Rule Change Proposals

Annual Deadlines Requirement
May 31 Any member may submit rule change suggestions: Rule Change Suggestion Online Form
June 30 National Rules Committees complete review for Section A, formulate proposals
July 31 Discipline/breed sport rules committees complete reviews, formulate proposals
August 31 Legal review of proposals, translation, formatting, posting on EC website
September 30 30 day member comment period ends
October 15 Rules committee for each section meets to review comments, finalize changes
October 31 National Rules Committee meets to finalize Section A and report to Sport Council
December 1 Advance copies posted to web site
January 1 Effective date


Rules Amendment Process - All Sections

The following deadlines are an annual timeline for accepting member submissions, creating Rule Change Proposals (RCPs), adopting changes, publishing for Sport License holder/Discipline comments, finalizing RCPs, fulfilling translation requirements, education and web publishing for an annual effective date of January 1.

Step 1: Consistent with the provisions of the rules, “It is the right of every member of Equine Canada to propose amendments to the Rules, subject to the policies, procedures and schedules”. The deadline for member submissions for inclusion in the January 1, 2015 Rulebooks is May 31.

Step 2: Suggestions for changes will be reviewed by the applicable rules committees.

Step 3: The National Rules Committee will circulate Section A RCPs to the Discipline Rule Committees for review and to confirm cross-references by June 30.

Step 4: Each Section Rules Committee will meet prior to July 31 to accept, modify or reject the proposed RCPs for inclusion in the 2015 Rulebook edition and forward the RCPs to the National Rules Committee for legal review, translation and public comment.

Step 5: Notices will be published announcing proposed changes for all Rulebook sections are available for review and comment on this website with request to direct all comments/suggestions to specific e-addresses by September 30.

Step 6: NRC and Discipline Rule Committees will meet (individually) by teleconference or e-mail to consider pertinent public comments and modify/correct/withdraw any RCPs requiring attention prior to October 15.

Step 7: New editions posted to website by December 1, to become effective January 1, 2015.

For comments or questions regarding the Equine Canada Rulebook, please contact

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