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Owners and exhibitors must hold a current sport license to purchase passports. Temporary sport license holders are not entitled to purchase a passport or collect points.

Passports may be obtained from EC, or from certain PSOs, (contact the EC passport department for details) for domestic horses at the price listed on the current EC fee schedule.  

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Applications for passports must include the following information:
  • Name of horse, including registered name if different from competition name, sex, colour and year of birth. Copies of registration papers and proof of ownership must accompany passport applications or, where an agreement has been reached between EC and the breed association, confirmation of pedigree and ownership may be made directly with the breed organization.
  • Name and address of owner, owner’s EC sport license number, and date of purchase if applicable.
  • Country of origin, breed, breed registration numbers with names of breed registries, name of sire and dam, and specific identification information if available. In the case of a horse for which there is no record of registration, the application must be accompanied by proof of ownership and a sworn affidavit that the animal is not registered.
  • Side-view coloured photograph of horse named therein, untacked except for halter or bridle. Photograph must be glued to passport, stamped and validated by EC.
  • The owner must enter a statement as to the eligibility of the horse for divisions in which it will compete, enter the date and year, and sign the statement. This statement is subject to the supporting documentation required by division rules. It is the responsibility of the owner or agent to update and sign the eligibility statement as it changes.
  • In the case of ponies six (6) years or over, the owner must enter a statement as to whether the pony is small, medium or large and this must also be signed and dated.
  • Where applicable, the pony measurement page must be completed.
  • Identification page must be completed by a veterinarian.
  • Complete up-to-date records of all money won in applicable jumper classes must be included if the horse is a preliminary or intermediate jumper.
  • The record of winnings section of the passport must be complete and up to date for all horses competing in dressage and eventing.
  • Change of name, if any, must be certified by EC.
  • Transfer of ownership, if any, must be certified by EC and the statement of money won and/or the performance record as applicable must be signed by the vendor or agent.
  • The record of vaccinations and inoculations is recommended but not mandatory.
  • All applicable enclosures must be present, including proof of official lease registration, Dressage and Eventing downgrading authorization, pony temporary measurement forms and certified status as per division rules.