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Your sport needs you!
The Canadian Eventing movement is growing and requires the continued support of its members and other benefactors to continue the programs that have been established. Programs such as High Performance (National Team) initiatives, Coaching, Safety Clinics and other grass roots objectives need your support in order to continue on an annual basis.

You can help in a simple and manageable way!

We all know that equestrian sports are expensive and asking for large lump sum payments is beyond many people's grasp; we're hoping that everyone will see the benefit of this website and choose to be a part of it. For example, ten dollars a month on a credit card doesn't feel like much individually, but combined, will make a huge difference…to give you an idea of the scope and the power of collective goodwill...if a thousand people sign up for a regular $10 per month credit card payment, at the end of a year we'll have $120,000.00! Now that's something to cheer about.

Canadian Eventing has created this website where anyone can sign up for secure automatic monthly withdrawals from a credit card and make a real difference to the future of Eventing in Canada.

To start, begin by filling out the information below and click "submit". You will then be directed to a secure site to complete the process. Once you are done, you'll be redirected back to this site. It's seamless and easy.

OR, if you prefer you can download the Sign Up form, complete it and forward to Equine Canada.

On behalf of the many tireless supporters and volunteers of Eventing in Canada "Thank You"! Together we will continue to make great strides and create a safe, fun and friendly environment in which to participate and appreciate our four-legged friends!