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December 16, 2010 — Canadian Eventing Committee is pleased to announce the 2011 Canadian National Eventing Team and Talent Squad. The Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee approved the list which recognizes performance results achieved at 2, 3 and 4 star CCI competitions and CIC 3 star competitions to November 11, 2010. Riders are listed in alphabetical order.


The 2011 Short List is comprised of horse/rider combinations which have proven through their results at CCI/CCIO/CH 3 star and 4 star competitions within the time period designated under general regulations that they are successfully representing Canada in international competition as individuals and/or team members.

Rider/Hometown                            Horse/Owner                             Qualifying Competitions

Peter Barry                                 Kilrodan Abbott                       CCI 3* Fair Hill 2010

Rider & Susan Barry                

Hawley Bennett                           Gin N Juice                             CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010

Langley, BC                                Linda Paine                            CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Diana Burnett                              Manny                                   CCI 4* Rolex 2009

Blackstock, ON                            Rider & Eventing Canada!

Kyle Carter                                         Madison Park                          CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010

Calgary, AB / Sparr, FL                 Rider & Jennifer Carter             CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Jessica Hampf                             High Society III                       CCI 4* Rolex 2010
London, ON / Auburn, AB              Rider & Carl Hampf  

Rebecca Howard                          Riddle Master                         CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010    

Salmon Arm, BC / Norwood, NC     Caroline Bazley                       CCI 3* Bromont 2010

Micheline Jordan,                         Irish Diamonds                       CCI 3* Fair Hill 2010

Ottawa, ON / Ocala, FL                 Rider

Michele Mueller                            Amistad                                 CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Port Perry, ON                            Julie-Anna Pring

Selena O’Hanlon                           Colombo                                CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010

Elgin, ON                                    Elaine & Michael Davies            CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Jessica Phoenix                            Exploring                               CCI 3* Bromont 2010

Cannington, ON                           Rider

Exponential                            CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010

Rider                                    CCI 3* Bromont 2010

Stephanie Rhodes- Bosch, (Y)        Port Authority                         CH- CCI 4* WEG 2010
Summerland, BC                          Rider & Patricia Bosch              CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Ian Roberts                                 Napalm                                 CCI 4* Rolex 2010

Port Perry, ON                            Rider, Kelly Plitz & Tracey Newman

Jessica Ruppel,                            Naughty by Nature                  CCI 3* Bromont 2010

Ravenna, ON                               Rider


The 2011 Long List is comprised of horse/rider combinations which have proven by their results at CCI/CH/CCIO 2* and/ or CIC 3* competitions within the time period designated under general regulations, the potential to become short listed team members by 2012.  

Rider                                                  Horse/Owner                             Qualifying Competitions

Joelle Baskerville                          Malibu                                   CCI 2* Allentown 2010

Calgary, AB                                Rider                                    CH 2* NAJYRC 2010

Diana Burnett                              Shigatzi                                 CCI 2* Fair Hill 2010       

Blackstock, ON                            Rider & Valerie Eden

Wild T’Mater                           CIC 3* Red Hills 2010

Rider & Don Good

Kyle Carter                                 Final Watch                            CCI 2* Ocala FL 2010

Calgary, AB / Sparr, FL                 Billie Sue Jensen

Kelly List,                                   Smarty Pants                         CCI 2* Fair Hill 2010

Bracebridge, ON                          Rider

Kelli McMullen Temple                   Axel Rose                              CCI 2* Bromont 2010

Round Hill, VA                              Rider & Carl Bouckaert

Danica Moore                              Dunlavin’s Token                     CIC 3* Richland Park 2010

Salmon Arm, BC                          Rider

Lindsay Pearce                            Saniki                                   Le Lion d’Angers 2010

Tecumseh, ON                             Patricia Pearce

Waylon Roberts, (Y)                     Myrddin’s Sebastian                 CIC 3* Burnham Market 2010

Port Perry, ON                            Kelly Plitz                               CIC 3* Chatsworth 2010

Kathryn Robinson                         Weinkonig 3                           CCI 2* Osberton 2010

Kettering, England                        Rider

Let it Bee                               CCI 2* Osberton 2010


Leahona Rowland                         Lambrusco                             CCI 2* Ocala 2010

Mississauga, ON                           Rider

Lorenzo III                             CCI 2* Ocala 2010

Jessica di Genova

Penny Rowland                            Flying Finn                             CCI 2* Bromont 2010

Orangeville, ON                           Rider

Shandiss Wewiora                        Fionn McCuhal                        CCI 2* Bromont 2010

Oakville, ON                                Amanda & Jorge Bernhard        CCI 2* Fair Hill 2010


The 2011 Talent Squad consists of riders from the CCI/CCIO 2 star level and up who, by their performance during the time period designated under general regulations, have shown potential to reach the international elite level.

Rider                                                  Horse/Owner                             Qualifying Competitions

Julie Clark                                   Guiness                                 CCI 2* Fair Hill 2010

Newmarket, ON                           Rider

Emily Daigneault (Y)                     Misty Vale Bacardi                   CCI 2* Bromont 2010

Gatineau, QC                               Rider

Samantha Elsenaar (Y)                 Armon                                  CCI 2* Florida—April 2010

Brooklin, ON                               Rider                                    CH- CCIY2* NAJYRC 2010

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