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Download - Equine Canada Rules for Dressage


Consistent with the provisions of the rules, “It is the right of every member of Equine Canada to propose amendments to the Rules, subject to the policies, procedures and schedules”. The deadline for member submissions for inclusion in the January 1, 2014 Rulebooks is May 31, 2014.

Rules FAQ's


  • Are copper roller bits allowed? No (ART E4.3)
  • May I ride in bitless bridle? No (ART E4.2)
  • May I ride in a bit made of more than one metal? Yes (ART E4.3)
  • Does my bridoon have to be made of the same metal as my curb bit? No (ART E4.3)


  • Am I allowed to use a saddle pad with sparkles on it? No (new ART E4.5.7)
  • Are plaid shirts allowed? Not unless it is covered by your jacket and stock tie. (ART E4.1.7)
  • I cannot find 5cm spurs so am I allowed to use 5.5cm spurs? No (ART E4.1.8)


  • Is a 130cm whip allowed in the warm-up? No (ART E4.8)
  • My horse cannot wear shoes that are nailed on. Can I show him in easy boots? No (ART E4.9.9)


  • I hold a medium card and am guest carded up to senior at a competition where riders need scores from a senior judge to qualify for a championship. Can the riders use my scores? No

Competition rules:

  • Am I eliminated if I enter the ring after 45 seconds? No (ART E9.3.7)